Brain Illness

Virginia License Plate for Alzheimer’s Awareness

I’m excited about this campaign in my native state of Virginia. Learn more here. For the many who have said to me, “I wish we had this in my state.”, google “how to petition for new specialty license plates in XXX” for your state or contact your local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association at […]

How Brain Illness Causes Dementia

Why people with dementia do the odd things they do can seem like an unsolvable riddle. But with a basic understanding of how the brain operates, we see patterns that are less random than they may seem. The human brain is a vast, four-pound wilderness that continues to defy thorough explanation. The brain is made […]

Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia: What’s the Difference?

Dear Dementia Nurse, My mother-in-law’s doctor sometimes says she has Alzheimer’s and sometimes says she has dementia. How do we know which it is? Baffled in Birmingham     Dear Baffled, Great question! Terms that are used in relation to brain illness can be confusing. Different health care providers may or may not use them […]

Alternative Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

Hello, friends! Today, I am over at discussing alternative treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease. Charlatans are out there, ready to pounce on the sick and the desperate. At the same time, there are legitimate options outside the Big Pharma machine. To get the low down on sorting fact from fiction, click here to come on […]